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February 2013

Be a Part of the New MBA Website!

A new website will be like a fresh, vibrant makeover for the MBA!  And it will have a special page reserved for each member in the attorney directory.  We hope you can help the MBA achieve this objective.  It will be a gift that you make to yourself, your colleagues, your local Muslim community, your legal community, and to all Americans.  How, you ask?  
  • It is a gift to yourself because the new website will help generate more referrals for your business.  The new site will allow each of you to post a photo of yourself, highlight your accomplishments and areas of practice, link to your firm's website, and link to your social media sites!  It will be user friendly for both personal computer and mobile users.  Your potential clients will find you with ease.
  • It is a gift to your colleagues because it will allow potential clients to find them with ease.  It will also allow your colleagues to easily refer potential clients to you and others based on specialty.  And it will help alleviate the burden of searching around to fulfill referral requests.
  • It is a gift for your local Muslim community because the new website will fulfill a major need in the Chicago area Muslim communities for a Muslim attorney directory.  So many community leaders have asked the same question: when will the MBA provide an attorney directory as a service to the community?  Along with an attorney directory, the new website will also feature informational articles on practice areas of interest to the general community.
  • It is a gift for the Chicago legal community because it will allow law firms, other bar associations, legal departments, and law schools to have readily accessible information about the MBA and Chicago's Muslim lawyers.  They will find a needed website to learn more about Chicago's Muslim legal community and the things that matter to us.  It will be our virtual voice.
  • It is a gift for all Americans because it will be a source for information about American Muslim professionals as well as a source for information about Islam and the Muslim legal community's positions on a myriad of issues.